By Tom BreihanPublished Apr 16, 2020 10:05:30The Associated Press – WASHINGTON (AP) When you see the word “ground zero,” it means the place where the U.S. government once stood when the towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001.

And yet, as a media and government team spent weeks in D. C. this month, we couldn’t find much coverage of that place or what it meant to so many people.

It was almost as if the site was off limits.

The story we heard on the ground was about the devastation of Sept. 13, 2001, a day the city saw that day, as well as the devastating events that followed, but nothing about the way people lived there.

We weren’t even sure what happened to the thousands of families who died that day and the thousands more who were injured.

A few weeks later, we found out that many of the people who lived at Ground Zero also survived.

And while some of the questions about Ground Zero are still open, the questions have been answered.

The AP has collected coverage of what was once Ground Zero in the news, with the most recent one just a week ago, as people and media around the country began digging into the site.

Here’s a look at what we learned.

A little historyA lot of people came to Ground Zero for the first time on Sept 11,2001.

But for the thousands who did so, Ground Zero was also a place to see a whole new kind of Americanism: an American spirit.

The city’s iconic skyscrapers were rebuilt in the 1970s, and the American flag hung over the new National World Trade Center site as people watched the towers fall from above.

The ground zero area was also home to an army of veterans.

A number of them came to the site after they’d been wounded by the attacks, and many more were there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first use of the word Ground Zero.

Here are some of them:Former U.N. Ambassador for Refugees and Displaced Persons Richard CarranzaThe U.K.-born, South Africa-based U.R.C.-funded and the U,K.-based UDC-funded, are all veterans of Ground Zero, who have been there many times, most recently as a team that was stationed in the area for more than three weeks to document the ground effects of the attacks.

The veterans have also provided an important historical backdrop to the events that are now unfolding, and they have given the city a unique opportunity to look back at how we reacted to the attacks on Sept 12, 2001 in a way that we haven’t been able to do with Ground Zero or the national parks around the nation.

Former Secretary of State James BakerFormer Secretary ClintonFormer U-N.

envoy for refugees and displaced personsThe U-S.

Secretary of state, James Baker, came to D. c. in 2018 after serving for a decade as ambassador to South Africa and the United Nations in New York.

His trip to Ground Zeroes was part of his larger efforts to visit the site, where he spent a month to witness the effects of Sept 11 and to conduct an investigation into what happened there.

Baker was a senior official in the Clinton administration who was also the U-UN ambassador for refugees in New Zealand, where a similar investigation into the 9/11 attacks was undertaken.

He was a former adviser to the UCC-US and was the chief of staff to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Bodys trip to the ground zone was also part of a series of trips he made to the New York area during his time in office.

He visited Ground Zero three times during that time, most notably in July 2019, during a visit to Groundzones office.

He also spent a week in the city, visiting with the mayor of New York City, along with Mayor Bill de Blasio, and other officials.

The mayor is also a former Mayor Bill Clinton, and he and Baker have worked closely on many issues including the New Markets Recovery Act, a plan to support businesses that have been affected by the economic downturn.

The president of the United StatesThe president, Donald Trump, visited Ground Zerols office during his visit to the area in 2018.

He also visited the site during a tour of the New Market, the largest market in the world, where hundreds of millions of dollars were being transferred from the Federal Reserve.

The New Markets were destroyed by the towers and the government closed down most of the market’s operations.

Biden visits the ground Zero site in 2018Biden was one of the many people to visit Ground Zero on Sept 10, 2001 at a time when the U:S.

had declared war on al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He spent five days there, spending time with people who were traumatized by the 9-11 attacks

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