Posted May 08, 2018 12:47:03 A Sydney mum who was one of the most talked-about people in the vaccine debate has become the subject of a new viral campaign.

The campaign is led by Australian blogger Aimee Pomeroy, who said the campaign was inspired by the success of her son’s vaccination campaign.

“The viral campaign that started with Aimees story was created by me and is really a continuation of her story,” Ms Pomerow told AAP.

“I think people are hungry for more information and the way I got that to happen was through the internet and word of mouth.”

The campaign began on Tuesday with a post on Facebook by Ms Pomoy titled “I don’t vaccinate my kids”.

In the post, Ms Pommoy describes her son Daniel, who was three months old when he received the shot, as “a perfect example of the best of Australian parenting”.

Ms Pompoy said the family was forced to “go on a vaccination drive” in August 2017 because of the high cost of vaccines.

“At the time we were just being vaccinated for measles, and it’s only a matter of time before we get another vaccine, so we decided to go on a vaccine drive,” she said.

“Daniel had a pretty good reaction to the shot.

It was a real eye opener.”

After a few weeks we had our first shot and the next shot came a month later, and Daniel was already quite good.

“At the end of it, it was about $30 [a shot].

We had to work hard to get it down to the $20 level, but we did manage it.”

The blog post has been shared more than 15,000 times.

Ms Pomsons son is now six months old, and she said her children are thriving and enjoying life.

“He’s happy and healthy,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We’ve been through a lot of trials and tribulations along the way, but the vaccine has been a really big help.”

Ms Pomersons blog post about vaccinations was shared more of 12,000times.

Photo: Aimeeth Pomeroys blog post was shared almost 8,000 time, and was shared by more than 2,000 people, including her husband, Mark Pomerows.

MsPomoys husband Mark Pomersow said they were not aware of the campaign until after it had been posted, but were very impressed with it.

“When it was first going around we didn’t know anything about it, but now we’ve seen the response, we’ve been like, ‘wow, we haven’t heard anything about this before’,” Mr Pomerowe said.

He said he was pleased to hear about the campaign, but also wanted to share it with his family.

“My wife is quite a big fan of it,” he said.

“[I] wanted to let them know that it’s a positive story and I want them to have a great time as well.”

MsPomsons husband said he had also been thinking about vaccinating his daughter, who has autism, but he did not know if that would be an option.

“For me, the idea of getting a shot is just the simplest thing to do, but I’ve been doing a bit of research into autism and it definitely doesn’t come without a cost,” he told ABC radio.

“If it was an option, I would love to have my daughter, but it’s not something I’d be able to afford.”

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