ESPN’s Twitter feed showed a series of tweets from the company’s front page Sunday afternoon in which it challenged the media for their coverage of the Finals.

The tweets included one that included the hashtag #DontGoForIt and another that featured the words “Get off Twitter.”

The hashtag is a play on Twitter’s “dislike” feature, which encourages people to “dislike” or “disprove” a tweet by highlighting the text with a single or double quote, with the hashtag added to the tweet to make it seem like the tweet was an actual comment by the person making the comment.

The Twitter feed had a number of other tweets that were similar to those that the company had posted Sunday, including one that challenged the accuracy of a tweet from the NBA, asking if the league was really getting ready to play.ESPN’s tweet that questioned the accuracy or veracity of a NBA tweet from Sunday was retweeted nearly 7,000 times.ESPN responded to those tweets by retweeting several of its own tweets.

It also tweeted that the tweet that appeared to be about the NBA was actually about the Los Angeles Lakers and that the Losers had been playing well.

That tweet has since been deleted.

The company also sent out tweets saying it was “a good idea” for fans to not use the hashtag “#DontGoneForIt,” which was a reference to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, as well as a tweet saying that a tweet was being deleted by the NBA.ESPN has a number social media outlets, including the official social media for ESPN’s programming, as the network’s flagship network.

The company also has a Twitter account, which is run by ESPN CEO John Skipper.ESPN also had a video of its president and COO, Dan Jenkins, on Sunday morning.

ESPN said in a statement that it is “looking into” the tweets.ESPN is a part of the Turner Broadcasting Group, which owns TBS and TNT.

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