Evan McMulin, the founder and president of the “Freak Mob Media” media empire, is set to address a crowd at the White House rally scheduled for later this month.

He will speak on the first day of the rally in the East Room of the White Senate, the White Houses press office confirmed Tuesday.

McMulins first public comments on the rally are scheduled for Friday, when he is scheduled to speak at a panel on the economy at the National Press Club in Washington.

The event is being organized by McMulison’s wife, Molly McMullins, a former reporter at The Washington Post.

The event is the first time McMulinson will speak at the president’s rally, which he plans to hold during a five-day span, in the face of growing protests in cities around the country.

On Monday, a protester was arrested during the rally after breaking a window at a hotel in Virginia, after which McMulion and his wife announced that they were leaving the country and would return next week.

The president, who was at the Virginia hotel Monday night, said at the time that protesters were “not welcome” and that the president “did a good job.”

At a White House press briefing Tuesday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president and his aides were aware of the protests.

“It is a very sad situation and I think the president wants to address that,” Sanders said.

Sanders added that the President’s actions “did not represent our values.”

“We are deeply concerned that some people who have been protesting for days have been arrested.

And the president does want to assure the American people that there are people in the crowd who are respectful and who do not want to hurt the president or anyone else.”

And as he has said many times, the president doesn’t want to make it more difficult for people who are protesting.

And he does want people to come together to have a good time,” she added.

In a statement, McMulín’s company said it was “deeply disappointed in the behavior of a few individuals who broke windows in the hotel lobby, as well as in the actions of protesters who have disrupted the event.”

McMulinar said he would not allow the incident to affect the future of the president.

McMulín and his business partner, Erik Prince, a billionaire investor who owns the military-themed Blackwater, are best known for their role in building the mercenary company Blackwater Worldwide.

Prince, who has called Trump a “white supremacist,” founded the private security company after leaving the private sector.

In 2013, Prince was awarded a $50 million contract by the Defense Department to train Afghan security forces.

Prince is also a former business partner of Jared Kushner, the President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, and who is also an investor in the “freak mob” media conglomerate.

On Monday, protesters were arrested after breaking windows at a luxury hotel in the Virginia suburbs.

Trump and the Blackwater brand have also faced protests over the past few years, most recently in August 2016, when Blackwater security guards were killed in a shooting in Baghdad, Iraq.

A group calling itself the “Free the Blackbodies” has been protesting at Trump rallies in recent years, and a group called “Black Lives Matter” was involved in a protest at a Trump rally in Iowa in 2014.

The group has repeatedly called for Trump to be held accountable for the violent and racist behavior of protesters and has called for the release of an anti-Trump documentary that included footage of the attack.

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