GREGG BELL, host of the Bravo television series, has defended his comments after a Brazilian television presenter allegedly attacked him with a plastic cup.

The 29-year-old actor was filmed last week by an audience member attacking Mr Bell in a Brazilian pub, which he has called a “safe space” where he is “free to do what he wants” and “not be intimidated”.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mr Bell said he was “shocked and disturbed” by the attack.

“I was at the pub where I was attacked,” he said.

“I was asked a question.

The question was about a public television show.

I answered it without hesitation, but when the man asked me if I knew what I was talking about I said no.

I do not have the right to defend myself.”

Mr Bell was attacked in the bar with the object of “trying to intimidate” him, he wrote.

“As the man was trying to intimidate me, he began throwing the plastic cup in my face.

I grabbed the plastic bottle to stop the man from throwing it in my direction.

I screamed at him and begged him to stop.

He began to hit me, hitting me in the face, nose, chest and head.”

“The next moment I saw a man on top of me, with a huge plastic cup,” Mr Bell wrote.

Mr Bell was punched in the stomach and he suffered injuries to his neck and left shoulder.

‘The whole time he was punching me’ ‘I was trying desperately to get away from him.

He was hitting me, punching me in my stomach, hitting my head on the ground.

He was trying so hard to intimidate and humiliate me that I was getting so scared that I stopped breathing.

I felt so sick and I just didn’t know what else to do.

“Mr Bell said he “had to get up and fight the man”.”

I just had to get out of there and get away and fight him.

As soon as I got out of the bar, I ran to the nearest taxi, and I jumped in,” he wrote in the post.

Later that night Mr Bell went to a nearby taxi stand, but he said he had “no idea where he had gotten the cup from”.”

As soon I got home I called the police,” he added.

Police are investigating the incident and Mr Bell has been suspended from Bravo, according to a statement on his Bravo page.

Bravo said Mr Bell had been suspended for six weeks from the show.

Brazilian President Michel Temer said in a statement that the incident was “not an acceptable example of violence”.”

The whole experience of this episode shows how we must ensure the safety of all Brazilian citizens and visitors,” he tweeted.

This is an update from the original story.

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