On Wednesday, a new report from the Washington Times revealed that the Trump administration is using the term “fake news” to describe social media accounts that publish fake news.

“Fake news” is an umbrella term for articles and content that are published without verifying the facts, and the term has been used in a variety of contexts since the 1930s, according to the report.

The term was first used by President Richard Nixon to describe the spread of “false information” during his Watergate scandal.

In a series of tweets, President Trump on Wednesday morning cited “fake articles” on social media, citing fake news sites as a reason for the administration’s decision to suspend social media platforms from the government’s Twitter platform.

Twitter suspended Trump’s account on Thursday.

In his tweets, Trump used the phrase “fake media,” which the report defines as articles that are “misleading or false.”

But the report also noted that the term can refer to other kinds of content that can also be classified as fake news, including conspiracy theories, fake news stories, hoaxes, and false claims.

“The definition of ‘fake’ or ‘fake-news’ is highly subjective and subject to change,” the report states.

“In our view, a ‘fake article’ or any other kind of ‘false news’ is a very real threat to our democracy, as fake stories and misleading claims are often based on sources with a proven track record of producing hoaxes and fabrications.”

While the term is not yet fully defined, experts have warned that it could be used to describe anything that doesn’t adhere to a standard set by the U.S. government.

“There are legitimate issues to be raised about how this term is used,” said Andrew Feinberg, the executive director of the Campaign for Accountability, which advocates for accountability in politics.

“But there’s also a very broad definition, and we’ve seen that a number of political news organizations have used it.

There’s no reason why fake news shouldn’t be defined as anything that isn’t a legitimate news source.”

“The fact that the President and his administration are using the phrase ‘fake media’ shows just how much they are concerned about the impact that fake news is having on American democracy,” Feinberg said.

In response to the Trump tweets, a spokesperson for the White House, Sean Spicer, tweeted, “The term ‘fake journalist’ has no place in our discourse.

Fake news is fake news.”

However, Feinberg believes that the definition of “fake” or “fake-media” will likely change in the future.

“I think it’s clear that the use of ‘Fake News’ by the Trump White House is not the same as the use by any other major media outlet.

It is more likely to be used by the administration as a way to disparage those who report truthfully on them, to use the term as a weapon to attack those who do,” he said.

The report, “Fake News and Fake News Sites: The Trump Administration’s Strategy for Defeating Free Speech and Defeating Fake News,” was produced by the Campaign to Fix the News, a nonprofit news organization founded in 2011 that aims to improve the public’s understanding of the issues facing journalists and their sources.

The organization also published a report in January that detailed how the Trump transition team and other administration officials used Twitter to promote a series the Trump campaign was pushing, “Trump Is the Best Candidate for America.”

The report also outlined how the administration attempted to discredit news organizations that had reported on the Trump’s inauguration, using fake stories to discredit them.

“It’s clear from these examples that the administration is determined to delegitimize the news media and their reporting on this and other issues,” Fein, the Campaign’s executive director, said.

“What we see is a president who believes he can silence journalists and news organizations, and in doing so, he is actively trying to delegitimate them, as they try to report the truth.

Fake News is Fake News.”

In the report, Fein noted that Trump used a hashtag to address the fake news websites that he had singled out in his tweets.

“We also see that the Administration has taken aim at a number online news sites, and that this attack on news organizations is part of its effort to delegify and silence them,” he added.

“This attack on the news industry and news consumers is part and parcel of the Trump Presidency.”

The Trump administration has also taken aim, Fein said, at independent media outlets and other outlets that do not follow the president’s policies.

“All these outlets, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Guardian, and others, have reported on these threats and investigations and the tactics employed by the Administration,” Fein said.

But the campaign said it is “very concerned” about the use the “fake article” term to describe stories that are not fact-checked.

“President Trump has used the term ‘faked’ multiple times on Twitter, and is using it as a term

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