The median is a more accurate way of dividing a city’s population by its size.

The median in San Francisco is around 2,500 people.

Here are some important numbers to know: Median house value: $1,946,700 Median household income: $61,600 Median income for people ages 25-64: $45,500 Median age: 62.2 Median income in cities: San Francisco: $67,836 Median age in cities in California: 62 Median age, median income: Median age for people in households with children: 50 Median age of people who live in places with a lot of homeless: 30 Median age that’s below the poverty line: 16.3 Median age by income: 32.7 Median age per capita income: 35.3 In the past year, median household income in San Diego County grew by nearly $100,000, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In the years prior to that, median family income grew by $100 a year.

The metro area of San Francisco, with its population of 1.1 million, has the lowest median household incomes in the country.

It also has the highest median household age in the nation at just 32.3 years old.

What is a Median Income?

The median income in the U.S. is based on a family’s income and expenses.

That means it is based off a family with one person working and two people on a part-time job.

Median income ranges from $45K to $60K for a family of four.

Median household size: 1.25 to 2.25 Households with children under 18: 4.5% of households Median household age: 30 to 39 Median household incomes: $38,000 to $45.5K Median age at first marriage: 41 Median age with children at first birth: 29 Median age without children at birth: 32 Median age between first and last marriage: 28 Median age where people live: 26 Median age income per capita: $14,000 Median income per person: $26,600 What does the median mean?

It’s a number used by many media outlets to compare the cost of living in a city to other cities.

But it’s not a meaningful measure of how much people are spending per capita.

The U.N. Population Division also uses a median to give an idea of the amount of money people in a country are spending each month.

This median is based solely on a country’s GDP.

A higher median means people in the city are spending more money.

For example, if the median household size in San Jose is 4,000 people, that means people spend more money in the same city than in a smaller city like San Francisco.

That number is $4,100.

The average household size of the U

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