The filter bubble has always existed in the Australian media landscape, and that’s probably why it’s been so popular in Australia for so long.

We’re not talking about the filter bubble that’s in the TV or radio newsroom or the newspapers, we’re talking about a filter bubble for the online.

And as a result, we can get away with some pretty awful behaviour online.

A study by the University of Sydney, conducted by the research firm ComScore, found that Australians use over 1,000 different filters to get the news, while over half of all news consumption takes place in the Facebook app.

And this is the result of two things.

Firstly, Facebook is hugely popular, with over one billion monthly active users.

Second, the way Facebook operates is designed to help it retain users and retain the advertising dollars.

It doesn’t need to make its users feel uncomfortable, but if the users are already comfortable with Facebook, then it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s all going to work out.

The problem with the filter bubbles, as it has been described in the media, is that they’re designed to work against the people that are using them.

They’re designed by the people who have the most to lose.

They have to spend more time on Facebook, or they’re forced to spend less time on social media, to get as much content and news as possible.

Facebook and its algorithm are designed to target a very specific audience, and for the most part, that’s the people using the Facebook platform.

But it’s the users that are really at risk of losing out.

It’s the same thing that happens with news filtering.

You’ve got people that like to see stories and get a story and then you have people that don’t like that and you have a filter that they can’t read.

If the Facebook users are using Facebook, and the Facebook user isn’t using Facebook to consume news, then the Facebook filter bubbles are designed for those users to get what they want.

The way Facebook works is to reward people for being loyal to it, so it’s very easy for the Facebook algorithm to see that loyalty and reward them with more content, and more news, and less content.

And that means that users will be less likely to engage with the Facebook services in the first place.

When you go into Facebook, it will ask you a series of questions.

You’ll be shown a list of filters that you can choose from, and it will try to guess which one of those filters is the most popular.

If you don’t want to use that filter, then you can just leave it out.

You don’t have to choose it.

If a user chooses to filter by their friends, then they’re going to be less inclined to do so.

And so the filter is designed so that it will reward people with more Facebook likes and Facebook shares and more Facebook shares.

And in order to maintain that relationship, Facebook will reward users with more money and more money from advertising.

If users are doing the same amount of Facebook news consumption as they were doing before, they will be rewarded with more ads.

Facebook’s advertising business is extremely profitable, and in some cases, the Facebook ads are paying for more than the news content.

The reason for this is that Facebook likes don’t really count, and Facebook likes aren’t what most people actually engage with.

So they’re not the people people that most people are going to get interested in.

And the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm also does not seem to have a clue that a user is doing news, so Facebook will still reward them for sharing content, even though it’s clearly not a news story.

This means that Facebook will have to reward those users who are not engaged in news consumption, but also those who are.

What you can do to avoid the filter Bubble In order to keep your Facebook account safe, you can set up a ‘safe’ account and then only follow those people who you know will not share content.

This is what you should do if you’re using Facebook for news consumption.

If someone posts a news article on Facebook and it doesn, you don, too.

So, if you post a story on Facebook about a person who has cancer, or you’re a friend of someone who’s had a stroke, then your Facebook News Feed is going to show a story about the person who’s having the stroke or the person with the stroke.

And if you see that, you’ll probably think, ‘Oh, I’m really not going to share this.’

But in fact, if your News Feed shows that story, then Facebook is going go, ‘Wow, I think this story has been shared by more people than the story of the stroke.’

And that’s because the person sharing the story is actually more likely to be a friend than someone who has not shared the story.

And Facebook is paying attention to the news that you share, because you’ve

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