Facebook advertising has long been a key component of the company’s business model, but it now has a whole new tool in the hands of advertisers.

Now they can target ads directly on the platform, rather than relying on third parties to deliver content to their Facebook ads. 

Read more  In a blog post today, Facebook chief operating officer David Marcus outlined how the company will make its advertising more relevant to Facebook users, rather as it has in the past.

“We’re moving toward a world where our ads are the ones that matter, not those that Facebook can offer for free,” he wrote.

“In this new world, where Facebook is the main destination for people, advertisers are starting to see the value of using Facebook to reach a broader audience and reach those people directly.”

Marcus said the company had already been working on how Facebook ads could be targeted, and had begun testing this approach on a small subset of its advertisers.

“While we’re still exploring this, we’re excited to see how Facebook’s advertising system can help our advertisers find new ways to make money from Facebook ads,” he said.

The change to Facebook ads is a significant move in the ad tech world.

Facebook currently offers its ad system for free on its desktop and mobile platforms, and there are many ad networks that offer ad services to advertisers.

Advertisers will need to pay for this, and Facebook will provide them with a platform for advertising on its platform, but the new ad system will offer a way for advertisers to reach people directly.

In the past, advertisers have relied on third-party partners to deliver ads to their ads, or they had to wait until Facebook added a paid feature to its advertising platform.

Facebook has since been able to build a strong relationship with its advertisers through its Facebook Audience Network, which enables advertisers to target their ads to specific audiences, and to build relationships with publishers.

However, Facebook’s new system will be a lot more flexible than this.

Advertisers can target their Facebook posts directly to Facebook’s audiences, rather like they can with other social networks, and they will be able to offer ads on the Facebook platform to Facebook followers, rather then to publishers who are more directly targeted.

“As Facebook continues to innovate and grow, we want to make sure that Facebook is a powerful platform for businesses and organizations to reach their audiences,” Marcus wrote.

Facebook says it will begin rolling out its new advertising platform to advertisers in the US and Canada this month.

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