Viz Media is launching its new media stand in partnership with Twitch, and it looks pretty good.

The Viz Media stand is basically a giant, TV-like media console with a screen, an HDMI output, and a USB-C port.

Its built-in speakers will play the latest streaming content, and Viz has put a bunch of extra features into it to make it even more interesting.

The stand also has a TV-style menu with all the available media.

There are also four TV modes, and they’re all pretty good, with the exception of the Dolby Vision TV mode, which is kind of a bad deal.

The Viz TV mode is great for watching movies on a large TV screen, but it also doesn’t have much room to play videos.

In terms of specs, Viz Media has a 1080p, 5K, and 5.5K resolution display with a 1080i panel.

It also has the same number of HDMI ports as the Viz TV.

The stand’s HDMI port can play a 5K and 5K HDMI signal, but Viz Media’s TV port only supports 5K video.

The main interface for Viz Media, called VizMedia Console, is powered by a Roku 4, and we haven’t seen a Roku app that supports the VizMedia console yet.

It’s a very good interface for a console that’s not really built to be used as a streaming media player.

The controller comes with a bunch in the box, including an HDMI remote, a USB Type-C cable, and two USB-A ports.

The HDMI ports are on the top, but you’ll need to remove the bottom of the controller to get to the USB-E ports on the back.

The USB-TEC port on the left side is used for charging, and the one on the right side for power.

The cable has a standard, 3.5mm male plug, but we’ve seen a few different connectors on TVs that only use a USB TEC connector.

The one we’ve reviewed here uses a 3.1mm male connector, so it may not be the best for everyone.

The TV also comes with four HDMI ports.

There’s a single one on each end, so you can either plug your own cable or plug a cable or USB-to-Tec cable into the top-right side of the TV.

The remote is very similar to the Viz controller we reviewed last week, except that it has a microphone, two buttons, and an LED that can be lit for the TV to show you when it’s turned on.

The remote itself is a single-button, 2.2mm, dual-LED remote with an illuminated, 4.7-inch display.

The buttons are on either side of it.

The top and bottom buttons are each on a separate LED.

The left button is a volume control, while the right button is the power button.

The two LEDs are the status indicator.

The HDMI output is a pair of 4K HDMI ports, with an output of 8K.

The cable is also a cable and a 5.1-channel audio cable.

The speakers are also similar to that on the Viz Controller.

They’re 3.2-inch, and you can pair them with either HDMI or 5.2, with one HDMI port for Dolby Surround sound.

The video output has a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 surround sound codec, which Viz Media says is “up to five times the quality of traditional Dolby surround sound.”

This makes it great for playing games, as it’s up to 10 times as loud as a typical 4K audio.

The DTS audio codec also means you can have a Dolby Digital 5.0 audio stream playing at the same time, which makes the Viz-compatible Dolby Pro Audio sound really good.

You can also set the TV’s sound level to whatever you want.

The settings are fairly self-explanatory, and there’s also an option to dim the TV at a specific level.

The rear panel is also similar, with a single HDMI port and one USB-B port, which you can use to charge your device while the TV is on.

There aren’t any USB-P ports on this TV.

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