Facebook Inc. says it will soon let users like videos posted on the social media platform to track terrorists, a move that could open up new avenues of government surveillance.

The move by Facebook Inc., the world’s largest social network, follows revelations last year that the company has helped terrorists evade surveillance. 

The company’s announcement Thursday said it plans to make the feature available to users worldwide and will also give the ability to “like” and comment on videos.

Facebook said in a blog post that “like’ buttons will be in place for about two months in countries with high rates of violent extremist activity, including Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.

The company has not said when the feature will be rolled out to the rest of the world.

The social network has long been criticized for its limited oversight of terrorists, who can use the platform to post videos, photos and photos of themselves in the hope that a Facebook account holder will then open an account to use Facebook to spy on them.

Facebook has been under pressure to crack down on the use of its platform to spy for the U.S. government since revelations that it has aided terrorists in Syria.

After last year’s revelation, Facebook said it would review how it uses data it collects from users and how it can better use it to prevent and combat terrorist activities. 

In January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to address the issue.

“But we can’t do it without strong oversight.” “

We’re committed to working with all our partners to build the tools that will help keep terrorists and their supporters in check and prevent more harm, and to fight all forms of extremism on Facebook,” Zuckerberg said in the statement.

“But we can’t do it without strong oversight.”

Facebook’s announcement comes as the technology company faces increasing pressure from Congress to tighten oversight of how it collects data on the online activities of its users.

The House last month passed legislation requiring that the social network’s executives, employees and vendors disclose to Congress how they collect, use and share information from users.

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