When it comes to movies, the virtual reality headset is becoming a more and more popular option.

And this time around, the option is available to both gamers and the general public.

We’ve talked about this on the VR show for the past few years, but the headsets that are coming out are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Both of those are a step up from the old “full head tracking” experience, but it’s not quite as immersive as you might expect.

With both headsets, you can still see what you’re seeing, but you’re also limited to just the basic 3D-tracking features.

The Rift’s positional tracking is also better than the HTC’s.

And that means you can also look around a 3D model, and it’ll also be easier to control your virtual world with a mouse or trackpad.

But the Rift and Vive offer more than just a better experience when it comes down to games.

They’re also bringing VR movies to the mainstream, and now they’re also launching a movie theater app.

The movie theater is a great way to get your entertainment fix while at home, and the theater is available in several cities in the U.S. right now.

But we’re excited to see the VR movie experience on the big screen.

So what are the major differences between the two VR headsets?

First, the Rift is more comfortable to use.

The Oculus Rift offers a comfortable experience, while the HTC is quite heavy.

With the Rift, you feel the weight on your head and the Rift doesn’t move at all.

This means you feel more secure in your chair and that you can comfortably hold on to things for longer periods of time.

But with the Vive, the weight is so much higher and the head tracking is so limited that you have to be careful when using the Oculus to keep from falling over or moving your head.

The Vive is more immersive too, so it allows you to see what the world is like in the real world.

With VR movies, you won’t be able to actually see the real-world objects, but with the HTC you can.

So it’s much more like being inside a movie, but instead of sitting in a theater, you’re sitting in front of a 3-D model of a virtual world.

This lets you move around in the virtual world and make the world more immersive.

The HTC’s motion-tracking system isn’t quite as good as Oculus’ But it’s still a step above what you’ll find with a traditional virtual reality system.

There are a few things to note about the two headsets.

The first is that the Rift has two displays, and each is slightly different.

With each display, you have an LCD screen that can display 2D images, and a 4K (3840×2160) display that displays 3D images.

In the case of the HTC, it’s a very thin display.

But you can’t see the difference in the actual 3D image, so you can use the Rift as a screen that you flip to see more details in the scene.

If you want to be really immersive, you could use the HTC and the Oculus as separate screens, but that’s not really an option with the Rift.

The other major difference between the Rift (or HTC) and the Vive is the headset itself.

The VR headset is a much larger, more expensive piece of hardware that can accommodate many more people than the Oculus and Vive.

For a few extra bucks, you get the Oculus Touch, which is essentially a larger version of the Oculus’ Touch controller.

It has more buttons, more triggers, and you can actually use it to play games and watch movies.

So you’ll need to spend a bit more to get the full Oculus experience.

You also need a decent gaming PC to run the VR experience.

The Samsung Gear VR has a great virtual reality experience, and I’d recommend getting one for $200.

But even though the Oculus offers a more immersive experience with its headset, it doesn’t quite have the same immersive capabilities as the Samsung’s Gear VR.

The Gear VR is a pretty expensive VR headset, and if you’re not willing to shell out that much for it, you’ll have to settle for the Samsung, which has a decent VR experience in its lineup.

But if you want the best VR experience for under $100, you should get the Samsung Gear.

For now, the Oculus headset is the more affordable option.

If the Rift or HTC are right for you, you might want to consider getting a Gear VR, but if not, you probably should just get the Rift for that price.

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