By KENNETH JAMES / TIME, NATIONAL REVIEW, NEW YORK AUSTRALIA In the early 1970s, a young British artist named Robert Erikson started to study animals.

One day, while he was walking through the woods, he spotted a familiar looking copper-colored stallion.

Eriksen thought it was a good idea to try and capture it.

So, a couple of months later, he decided to try to get the animal into the house.

The stallion was not happy about being caught, and eventually got out.

It was Eriksons first animal-related exhibit, which eventually evolved into his own “cat exhibit.”

He had a lot of interest in cats, so he kept a close eye on the animals and their behavior, and one day he decided he wanted to get a glimpse into their minds.

The first exhibit he created involved a series of photographs that Erikserns son created using a copper-coloured photograph of the stallion, which he then used to construct the exhibit.

It wasn’t the first time Eriksson had created animals using copper.

In the 1970s and ’80s, he created an exhibit called “The Silver Cat” that featured a cat that had spent most of its life in a glass box, and he used a copper sculpture made from a copper alloy.

“In the mid-1970s, the idea of an animal having its own personality started to become popular,” Erikssen says.

“That was really a moment for us in our career.”

“It’s kind of like watching an anime or a manga.

You can see a lot more of what they’re thinking than what the viewers see.”

But Eriksun was more interested in exploring the minds of animals, and so he created a series called “Cat Mania.”

“Cat Madness” was a series Eriksman made for himself in the 1970, and it explored the emotions that animals can display when they’re stressed or upset.

It included photographs of a copper cat that died during a fire and the reaction of its owner to the death.

The exhibit included more than 150 objects and sculptures, including a large copper sculpture that Erickson had built himself that depicted an emotional cat and an emotional human child that had died in a fire.

“I had this idea that a lot people would look at these images and think ‘Oh, it’s cute and all, but there’s really no connection between the animal and the person, and there’s no way that animal could possibly feel any emotion for the human being,'” Erikssons son says.

He wanted to show that there was a connection between animals and humans, and that the animal’s emotions are based on the feelings of the human, not on their own.

Erosons son also decided to create an exhibit for cats that he dubbed “The Black Cat,” a nickname given to a person that is black or of African descent.

“It was something that I had always wanted to do,” Erosson says.

Eresons son’s art also involved animals that had been killed and his artwork depicted them with a black mask over their eyes and their body in a black frame.

“For a lot, these animals are actually very emotional,” Ersons son explains.

“The fact that they’ve been killed or left to die makes you think about death in a very different way.”

Eriks’s artwork also included animals that were trained to sit or lie down.

“You can see how they feel when they lie down,” Eriesson says of the animals.

“When you put a cat in a cage and give it a toy, the cat will immediately sit up and it will sit there for the whole day.”

He says that his artwork also includes images of a cat with a broken leg, a man with a tattoo of a bird on his forearm and an animal with a severed arm.

Ersson’s work also explored the psychology of animals.

He says the artwork often depicts animals as being more sensitive than humans and expressing their feelings more.

“There are a lot animals that are very protective, and when you put them in cages or in a situation where they can’t have contact with people or they have to be away from people for a long time, the animal is really affected,” Elesson says, “and it’s very different to a human being.”

Ersmans son says that while he is a passionate animal-rights advocate, his work is also about understanding animals and exploring their human nature.

“Animal art can really open up our eyes to our own humanity, and what we’re capable of,” Eresmans son said.

“If you want to understand the human mind and understand how animals function, it can be very revealing.”

The exhibition, which opened on May 6, will be on view through June 12.

You’ll see Eriks on display, a copper bull that Ersman says is very close to the animal that Eros

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