Hacker News, the online forum for coders and developers, has announced that Jukine Media’s Twitter competitor will be available in the App Store this week.

Jukinai Media has announced its own app, Jukini Media, which will be the first app for Android.

Juku has a built-in Twitter integration that lets users follow people in real time and send tweets in the future.

Juku is available for free on the Google Play Store and will be supported by the AppStore app.

The Juku app is built with Twitter integration in mind.

Twitter’s API is built into the Juku application, and Twitter’s user interface is available in Juku’s own UI. 

For example, you can read tweets from users in real-time from your Twitter timeline or share your tweets with your followers.

Juki Media also supports Google’s own API, so it can create its own apps with Twitter functionality.

Twitter has built-ins for iOS and Android for users to interact with the service.

Twitter has built a Twitter API for Android, too, but that service is only available in Google Play.

Twitter has also built in support for iOS’s Siri and Android’s voice search, which are features that were available on the App store for a few months now.

In the Jukii Media app, users can add a Twitter icon and a voice search option, which they can then use to access their account.

On Twitter, users also have a voice feed for their Twitter account.

Users can also share their Twitter profile to their Twitter followers.

Twitter announced the Jukins app last month, but the app has not launched yet.

Jukai Media also announced its app in September, but no news about the launch of the app until today.

Jakais app is the first Juki Media application to hit the Appstore and will not be available for a couple of weeks.

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