“As you might imagine, there are some big changes ahead.

As of today, we are launching our NFL Media App and our NFL Network App for Android.

We are launching the NFL Network app and the NFL App for iOS and will be rolling out these apps in the coming months.

In addition, we will be launching an all-new NFL app to provide fans with a faster, more seamless way to watch all of our games, including the upcoming Super Bowl and the upcoming playoffs.”

The NFL Network has been the NFL’s most popular app for years.

As part of the launch of the NFL app, the network will be bringing back its weekly game show, NFL LIVE, and will soon be bringing its weekly highlight show, BCS Sunday Night, as well. 

As the network gets ready to debut a revamped NFL app this month, NFL Media will be updating their content on this site. 

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights from the app that we’ve been able to share with you this week: The NFL will begin streaming the entire 2017 season on NFL Network, with the network debuting an extended edition of its show, “NFL LIVE,” on Sunday, April 14 at 12 p.m.


The show will feature live analysis, game highlights, game previews and more. 

On Thursday, April 12, NFL Network will launch a special “NFL Live” episode, where fans will get to watch the entire 2016 season on a new “NFL Network” app, available for iOS devices and Android devices.

The app will be available at no additional cost. 

NFL Network’s new show “NFL Weekly” will be added to the app and be available to stream live on Sunday at 12:01 a.m ET.

Fans will get a chance to watch a special edition of “NFL Week in Review” during this hour-long special. 

This week, the NFL will also be adding the weekly highlights show, as the network’s weekly game shows will be replaced with live coverage of the latest NFL action. 

The app will also launch a new podcast called “NFL Media Weekly.”

The new podcast will feature exclusive content from the NFL, and features highlights, interviews and more from NFL media outlets including ESPN, FOX, CBS, FOX Sports, ESPN Radio, Fox Sports 2, Fox and FS1. 

These live and on-demand NFL games will be broadcast on the NFL network, with NFL Network and NFL Network Plus offering viewers the ability to watch in real-time from the home of their choice. 

New content will be released every Sunday.

On Friday, April 15, NFL Live will debut for the first time in its five-year history, with fans able to watch live highlights from every game. 

And, on Saturday, April 16, the season finale of “BEST OF NFL LIVE” will air on NFL NETWORK, as fans will be able to relive all the action in real time. 

“We’re excited to finally have NFL Live back for all to enjoy,” NFL Network CEO Rob Rangemann said.

“This is an exciting time for the NFL and our fans.” 

The launch of NFL Live and the new NFL app comes just as the league is preparing for the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, the league will debut its new live streaming service, NFL GamePass, which will stream games in real, on-the-go, and on demand. 

Also on Sunday: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be making a visit to the Superdome in New Orleans. 

During the visit, Goodell will speak to NFL owners about the future of the league, including plans to move away from the television network model and to expand its broadcast partnerships to digital platforms. 

A look at some of Goodell’s recent comments: “In a way, I think we’re starting to get to the point where we’re not having the same relationship with the television networks anymore.

So the way we deal with the broadcast networks and the way that we deal, as we get further along, with all the other businesses that we have, we’re really starting to take the NFL in a different direction.

I think that’s a really good thing.” 

“I think we need to be much more innovative about how we’re going to deal with those television networks, because there are a lot of different ways that we can do that.

We’re starting with what we do with our game shows and live shows.

We’ve talked to the networks about expanding our partnerships with other digital platforms, so that we’re able to put the content and the analysis that we need in front of the audiences that we want them to be interested in.

So, we have some interesting conversations that we’ll continue to have with the networks as we go along.” 

He added that there is “no question that the television is going to be the dominant format for a long time.” 

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