The most recent statistics show the median Facebook user is currently at the same level of engagement as the average user.

As you may have heard, social media is becoming a critical part of the media landscape, and the numbers don’t lie.

Here are a few things to know about Facebook’s data: Facebook users on average spend more than $2,500 on ads on Facebook every month, and they’re also one of the most engaged audiences in the world.

In other words, Facebook users are the ultimate consumer.

In the past year, Facebook has launched more than 300 new products to help users better manage their information and more easily share information across all social media platforms.

The platform has also introduced new tools and services that are designed to improve user experiences and reach.

Facebook says that while people spend more on Facebook in the last year than they did in the previous year, that growth has been largely driven by its ad platform.

Facebook’s revenue has grown by 50% in the past six months, and it has also seen a dramatic increase in new users, which accounts for more than half of the increase in the user base.

“We’re making more and more of a difference to the lives of users, advertisers, brands, brands’ brands, and all of those people who want to be part of a great social experience,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a recent speech.

“I know people will be excited by the changes that we’re bringing to our platform.”

Facebook also revealed that more than 70% of its user base are on mobile, and users on mobile are one of its fastest-growing segments.

And as for the median, Facebook says it’s at its best when it has more than 1,000 users in a given location.

The median user is a mix of both the average and median users.

But the average has seen a significant increase in engagement in recent years, as Facebook has increased the amount of data it collects to help it better understand user behavior.

Here’s a look at the data Facebook collects from users and how it uses it to understand users’ interactions with its products and services: Facebook has added the median to its list of metrics.

The average user’s average is a way to measure the engagement level of the users, and Facebook says its median is one of a handful of metrics that are a good measure of the average.

The number of average users per Facebook user varies by user and platform.

For example, Facebook’s average user on the desktop has about 10 times the engagement of average user who are on the mobile device.

The majority of users on Facebook are on Facebook as part of their everyday lives.

The users of the mobile platform also have much lower engagement levels compared to the average users.

Facebook also provides data about the median user on its mobile platform.

While the median is more about the average than the median in general, the median and median-to-average ratio on mobile can be useful in understanding how the average differs from the average in terms of engagement.

Here is a graph of the median for mobile users and the median-average on Facebook: Average users are often the ones who spend the most on Facebook.

Facebook has said that its average users spend $1,500 in ads each month, which is higher than the average spend on all mobile devices combined.

Users on the platform spend more money than average, and this is a major reason why people spend so much on Facebook and how much money they spend on the site.

The Facebook average user also has a very high average number of friends.

Facebook estimates that Facebook users spend about $20,000 on average each month.

This number is a big part of why Facebook is the most popular social network in the United States.

The social network estimates that the average Facebook user spends $3,500 per month on its service.

The data also reveals that the median social media user spends about $300 on advertising each month on Facebook, which puts Facebook in fourth place on the list of most popular sites, behind Google, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook users use the platform more than any other social network.

Facebook claims that it has 2.7 billion users on the Facebook platform.

Users spend about 60% of their time on Facebook on average, which makes the average social media player the most active in the U.S. It’s worth noting that Facebook is one big part on a much smaller piece of the web.

Facebook doesn’t own the entirety of the internet, but the company has a large presence in almost all of the areas that include news, social networking, and commerce.

Facebook owns about 70% to 90% of all the data on the internet.

This means that the majority of people use Facebook in a variety of ways.

If you’re curious about the social network’s stats, you can check out its data on a per-user basis.

You can also read a detailed article on how Facebook’s social analytics team uses the data to make smarter decisions.

What are some of the best ways to use

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