ANTONIO BARRICADES/AFP/Getty Images A bizarre TV show has been filmed about missing British children, prompting the Government to launch an investigation into whether it could breach children’s privacy.

The BBC has made a series of documentaries about missing and murdered children since 2005.

One called Lost Children, which aired in 2007, depicted a group of youngsters searching for their missing siblings, who were found in a remote area in northern England.

It was one of several television shows that focused on missing children.

It is the first time a documentary has been made about missing or murdered children in the UK.

One of the shows, Missing: Missing Children, was made by the BBC and was shown in the summer of 2008.

The programme featured interviews with parents and other family members who had lost a child or grandchildren.

The missing children were found after a search in a rural area.

In one scene, a man who was a missing child’s grandfather was told his granddaughter had been killed.

Another scene showed a family living in a tent with a woman who was one year older than them.

The mother and father were found dead.

In another scene, the family was filmed in their living room and the mother said: “I can’t believe it.

I’m so, so scared.”

In another, the father said: “‘We don’t know how long this has been going on.'”

The BBC and ITV, which made the programme, said it did not know how many of the children were actually missing.

But in a statement, the BBC said the show had been made to “raise awareness” and to “reject all suggestions of inappropriate behaviour or manipulation”.

One of its stars, Peter Capaldi, is the BBC’s chief investigative correspondent.

“The programme has the unique opportunity to give families and those involved in missing and missing children a new and positive understanding of what has happened to their loved ones,” the statement said.

Theresa May has ordered an investigation after the BBC produced the programme.

“I am extremely disappointed to learn of this documentary which I would have thought was of a very high standard,” she said in a press conference.

The Government has already announced a probe into how the programmes went wrong.

The National Crime Agency has opened an inquiry into the BBC programme.

In a statement to The Times, the agency said it would “look into any potential breach of the Children’s Act”.

The BBC said it had not been contacted by the police.

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