TechRadalar title Are you a fake news source?

article A fake news reporter has been caught using his own Twitter account to post false stories about Hillary Clinton.

In a tweet sent to his 2.5 million followers last night, reporter Alexey Zhuravlev posted a picture of a “Clinton campaign logo” with the caption “Citizens United: The Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to spend money to influence elections”.

The caption, which is a quote from an opinion piece published in The New York Times in 2012, was then retweeted by thousands of people, with many pointing out it appeared to have been copied from the same source that published the story in the NYT.

The story was originally published on the US website Breitbart, which was taken down by the Trump administration earlier this week, but is still visible on the site.

However, a search of the website reveals that the article was taken from the site in November of 2016, and has been republished on numerous other sites, including the Washington Examiner and The Hill.

However it is unclear whether the article is the same article that was published by the NYT in 2012.

The article’s headline was also taken from a tweet by Trump supporter David Brock, who is known for pushing the discredited “birther” conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama being born in Kenya.

Zhuravlov wrote: “Citizen United: Why the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporate to spend more money to sway elections.”

The tweet has since been deleted.

“The truth is that the @HillaryClinton campaign and its allies are pushing fake news,” Zhuramov wrote.

“There is no truth to the Clinton campaign, its surrogates, or the Clinton allies who are behind this.

There is no fact that Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and the DNC, or any of their allies, are working to subvert the election.”

Zhuraev has been one of the most prominent Russian journalists to use Twitter to attack US President Donald Trump.

In May, he was caught on camera posting a video claiming the President was “peddling a conspiracy theory” about a possible Trump victory.

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