There are two things that are going to be going on in the campaign to be the next Prime Minister of Ireland.

The first is the race to the finish line.

The second is the election of the next President of the Republic, with the result expected to be announced on Wednesday afternoon.

The question that has come up again and again over the last week is who is the candidate to succeed Enda Kenny, with a majority of those polled giving the incumbent a very good chance of winning.

In his own way, the Taoiseach, as well as his party, has been playing a very cautious game of waiting and waiting to see who is going to come through the doors of power, but the reality is that there is not a single person who is running who is not well-liked by his colleagues and, as we saw in the last election, by the people.

And that is the problem.

It’s a question of the character of the person that is running.

You have a lot of politicians who are not well liked and who, as a consequence, have not been able to build their own personal brand.

There is no one in this country who does not know somebody like that.

That is why I think the problem for Enda is that he is going through a tough time, but there is no easy way out.

The next election, 2019, is likely to be a very different story.

The Irish Government, led by Enda’s deputy, Martin McGuinness, is on a roll, and there are hopes that the new President will be able to deliver the improvements made to the health service, improve the public services and deliver on promises that were made in the election campaign.

The key issues will be how to reform the education system, and how to tackle the problem of high school dropouts, the problem that has dogged the country for a number of years.

It is a very, very complex issue and it will take time to understand.

We have seen a lot more about the problems of the economy since the election.

The issue of unemployment is at the heart of that, but what is also important is the need for the public sector to deliver on the promises of the election, and that is to create jobs and build an economy that works for everybody.

We are in a period of transition that we are seeing.

We have had the end of the war in Northern Ireland and we have had a significant period of uncertainty in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

There has been a lot about this country’s economic performance, and of course the election results, but I think we are going through an economic recovery that is beginning to take hold and that’s a real reason to support Enda, because the economy is going in the right direction.

The question is who has the character to get this economy going again, and the Taoist Government is trying very hard to build a strong and stable economy that provides opportunities for everyone.

I think that he has got a very strong team in place.

The problem is, it’s a very difficult job.

He is going against the instincts of many of his colleagues, including some of his own colleagues, but he has to have the confidence of the people of Ireland and he has had to deal with the fact that his own party has not come through with the results that were expected, and so he has been having to work very hard, not only to build his own personal reputation, but to win support from the public and to build the confidence that he can build a Government that is capable of delivering what he wants.

It is a hard job, it is a difficult job, but it is something that he cannot fail.

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