The new Media Cabinet is a significant shake-up of Australia’s media industry.

With more than 50% of Australian households paying for their own online video, online video is a critical pillar of the digital economy.

It’s the medium of choice for Australians and it’s the industry’s bread and butter.

The Government is set to announce the new Cabinet today.

The new Cabinet has the potential to reshape the way we think about digital media, and will have significant ramifications on the industry.

There are three key issues the new cabinet will focus on: the future of digital, how the media is being distributed, and how Australians interact with media content.

Why the media matters?

Australia is the only developed nation that doesn’t have a government-run media.

We have a highly-educated and digitally savvy population and a vibrant online culture.

In an era where the internet is ubiquitous, and where our digital habits and interests are changing, the importance of media is more than just access to news and information.

In the US, the role of the media in our lives is often misunderstood.

The media plays a vital role in our ability to express ourselves and to form our identities.

The role of media in shaping public opinion and public policy is often forgotten, and often forgotten by those who are not familiar with the media’s role in public life.

Digital media has made a significant impact on the Australian economy and public life, but it’s not without its challenges.

There is no doubt that digital has been a major driver of economic growth in recent years, but the media has also played a key role in shaping the countrys political landscape.

This government is committed to reforming our media sector, and creating a more accountable and transparent media.

It will make sure the media plays its part in the digital age.

Key areas of concern: The Media Cabinet will review the structure of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the ABC Digital Media Hub, and digital content.

The new Cabinet will focus its attention on the ABC, as the organisation plays a key part in providing the news, information and entertainment Australia enjoys.

The Cabinet will look at the ABC’s role and structure in a way that is responsive to the changing needs of our society and the media landscape.

The ABC’s new media portfolio will also look at ways to enhance its digital capabilities and adapt to a digital future.

A new digital media policy is a vital step in the transformation of our digital media landscape and a key component of the Government’s Digital Agenda.

It is a step forward in a country that has embraced the benefits of digital technologies, but has also struggled to understand the role they play in shaping our digital lives.

To be successful, a Government must deliver a balanced digital strategy and be transparent about the issues it is addressing.

This will be a challenge for the new media cabinet.

How we can make sure we all have access to the news and media content we need and value: The new media policy will look to strengthen our digital content strategy and digital policy, and it will look towards increasing access to media content and innovation.

Digital content will be prioritised and included in all areas of the new government’s digital agenda.

This includes the ABC and other digital content providers, social media, local media, search, advertising, content discovery, and content marketing. 

In addition to ensuring that the ABC remains a vital part of our media, the new digital policy will focus attention on digital content delivery, and ensure the ABC plays a crucial role in ensuring that all Australians have access and value to the digital content we consume.

The content that Australians access to online should be more diverse, relevant and timely.

The digital content will include content from the ABC News, ABC Digital News, Australian Broadcasting News, News Corp’s local news, and the ABC Online, which includes the content of the ABC Kids, News of the World and ABC iView services.

The current ABC Digital Services, including the digital media portfolio, will be expanded and developed to include more content from other media.

The Communications Minister will also focus on the future development of digital content across all media platforms.

The cabinet will also explore ways to ensure that the content and services we receive from our media partners are accessible and relevant to our needs.

The Digital Agenda will look into ways to make sure that digital content is delivered in a more timely and effective way, and that content is more accessible and accessible to all Australians.

Australia’s digital landscape is changing fast, and there is no question that digital is central to our lives.

It needs to be part of every aspect of our lives, from our mobile devices to our social media use.

The government is working towards creating a digital landscape that is more in sync with the changing media environment.

This means that there is an increasing focus on digital in the new administration’s digital strategy, and we will be supporting digital content companies to deliver their content to the Australian public.

The aim of this policy is to create

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