Posted February 04, 2019 09:47:17The Dallas Cowboys have lost their last five games and are currently 2-8.

In their last seven games, they’ve scored only 31 points.

This is a team that is on a roll.

And the fact that they have lost four of their last six games shows that the team isn’t fully recovered from the 2016 season.

Here are the Cowboys schedule through Week 16.

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The Cowboys have struggled to stop the run in the first two weeks of the season.

They are averaging just over 300 yards per game, which ranks 15th in the NFL.

In 2017, they allowed 1,085 yards rushing, but that’s because they allowed just 1,094 yards passing.

The Cowboys haven’t been able to create pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The team has only allowed two touchdowns to opposing quarterbacks through the first three games of the 2017 season.

The biggest question for the team will be how much it will help Dak Prescott return to form.

Prescott has thrown seven interceptions, which is tied for the worst in the league.

He also has been sacked just twice.

The quarterback is averaging just under 20.5 yards per attempt and has a completion percentage of 63.6 percent.

Prescott is also a liability in the red zone.

Prescott averages just 2.8 yards per completion from the redzone.

He is allowing 9.6 yards per play in the third quarter.

That’s the third-worst ratio in the NBA.

Prescott’s completion percentage from the second-quarter of games is only 50.8 percent.

The offense will have to improve significantly to make it back to the playoffs.

Prescott and the Cowboys will have a difficult road to take this season.

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