By now you’re probably familiar with the Flash’s cast of heroes.

You may have also noticed that there are several “legends” in the DC Universe.

Some of these characters have their own stories, and others are created by the DC Comics characters that make up the Legends universe.

So, how does the cast of The Flash work?

We’ve compiled a list of the most famous Legends that will likely appear in the upcoming DC Comics animated series, Legends of Tomorrow.

We’ll be keeping track of the new Legends on our Legends of the Tomorrow blog as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.1.

The Flash (Jesse L. Martin)This is the first and only Flash to be introduced on the show.

His origin is an intriguing one.

Jesse L. Stein, the character’s creator, has been very secretive about his plans for the Flash for years.

The character’s first appearance was in “The Flash” #1, written by John Layman, in 1963.

But in 1966, after Barry Allen’s death, the Flash became the central character for the animated series.

Since then, the show has always featured Barry’s alter ego, Wally West.

The main reason for the change was because Barry Allen had become too famous for his own good, and the public wanted a Flash that they could relate to.

Stein’s first introduction to the Flash came in “Flashpoint” #3, written and drawn by J.M. DeMatteis.

Stein was the Flash of the show for much of its run.

In this storyline, Barry became the Flash and his life as the Green Lantern was a success.

The Green Lantern Corps, led by John Stewart, eventually took on the mantle of the Justice League.

The first episode of the Flashpoint series aired in 1968.

In the series, Barry’s adventures continued to grow as he became more powerful.

Eventually, he made his way to the Speed Force, which led to his own adventures as the Flash.

He also discovered the Green Arrow, the first superhero of color, and became the leader of the newly created Justice League of America.2.

The Phantom Stranger (Dan Jurgens)The Phantom Stranger is a character who was first introduced in “New 52” #6 in the summer of 2014.

The new Phantom Stranger was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Geoff Johns.

In that series, he was the Phantom Stranger in “Manhunter.”

He was one of the original members of the Phantom Squad and was the main antagonist in the New 52 storyline, “Manhunters” #5.

The manhunt was a massive success for the Phantom Team, but they lost the Phantom Manhunter when he died in the final battle.

After the Phantom War, Brian and Geoff decided to change things up a bit and introduce a new member of the team, the new Phantom Woman, to the Phantom Squadron.

This new member, the Phantom Boy, also gained the powers of the Manhunter, allowing him to fight the Phantom Menace.3.

The Joker (John Constantine)The Joker is a major character in the Batman comic book series.

He’s one of Batman’s biggest enemies, and his origin story is the subject of numerous tie-in comics.

The series started off in Detective Comics #18, written in 1949 by John Byrne and drawn with Frank Miller.

This issue was the beginning of the “Year One” storyline in the Dark Knight comics.

This storyline saw the Joker taking over the city of Gotham and killing its police officers, in a plot to destroy Batman.

After a brief time, Batman rescued the city and put an end to the Joker.

Batman then defeated him and put a bullet in his heart.

Later, in Detective Story #3 of the Batman comics, written from a point in the past, it was revealed that the Joker’s son, Damien, had been the source of the Joker murder plot.

The two then teamed up to take down the Joker, and together they defeated him.

It was also revealed that Batman and Damien were in love.

This meant that Batman was no longer able to kill the Joker with his guns.4.

Harley Quinn (Marguerite Bennett)Harley Quinn is one of a few female superheroes in the comics.

She was introduced in Detective Stories #12, written for Frank Miller and drawn in 1971 by Margaret Peeples.

This was the year Harley was introduced to the DCU, and it was her first solo comic book appearance.

The comic featured her training as a vigilante in Gotham.

She became a popular character among female readers.

In 1971, Harley became the first female superhero in the entire DC Universe to make it into a monthly series.

She has since been the main character of a number of DC comics.5.

Catwoman (Margot Robbie)Catwoman is one the most iconic female characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

She first appeared in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” written by Brian Posehn

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