New data released by the Tax Policy Center (TPC) reveals that while the US has long been a tax haven, a tax avoidance mechanism has largely become the norm.

The US has seen a surge in its business tax rate over the last decade.

While the tax rates are lower in most of the OECD, they are still high.

But, as with any tax avoidance scheme, there is a catch.

The TPC data shows that the US is a very efficient tax haven.

It’s one of only two countries that have a higher rate than Australia.

It also happens to be the only country in which tax revenues from the wealthy are more than double that of other OECD countries.

Australia has also been accused of not being fair when it comes to tax collection.

Australia is the only OECD country to levy a 10 per cent tax on capital gains and dividends, but it has also levied a 25 per cent capital gains tax on investments.

Australia’s current income tax rate is only 12.5 per cent, but there is no such rate on dividends.

The tax rate on capital gain income is much higher in Australia than it is in other OECD nations.

In 2015, the TPC estimated that capital gains taxes would be at least 25 per or 25 per, depending on the country, but in 2016 the figure was just under 15 per cent.

This means that a tax of 25 per on the capital gains of a wealthy person could have a major impact on their ability to invest in the future.

But while there are some other reasons why the US might be a more efficient tax place than Australia, it’s still not all that surprising when you look at the numbers.

The top marginal tax rate in the US (the top marginal rate is the rate at which the top income tax return for individuals and corporations is taxed) is 20 per cent in 2018.

This rate applies to taxable income from work and is also a major reason why the top marginal income tax rates in other countries are lower.

But the top rate on the basis of taxable income is actually lower in the United States than in Australia.

The federal income tax has the highest top marginal bracket in the OECD.

The marginal rate of US taxation is a whopping 29.8 per cent (it is actually slightly lower than the OECD average of 29.9 per cent).

That means that the top tax rate paid by the top 10 per,000 US households is actually much higher than that of the average US household.

The median tax rate that is paid by people on a salary is just under 16 per cent – a significant tax cut, and a major benefit for middle class households.

This is in stark contrast to the US, where the median tax rates pay by the bottom 80 per cent of the income distribution are even lower than in the other OECD economies.

It is this difference that makes the US such an attractive place for companies to set up shop.

But how effective is it?

According to the TPM, a top marginal corporate tax rate of 26.9 percent is actually a significant cut in corporate tax revenues in the U.S. compared to Australia.

This number, combined with the fact that the corporate tax rates here are lower than those in the rest of the world, means that while it might seem like a great deal, the US tax system is still a highly inefficient one.

If a company were to pay a $1,000 corporate tax bill, the effective tax rate would be just over $300.

But it’s not.

The effective tax rates that the companies pay on profits and rents are much lower in Australia compared to the rest.

In fact, the top effective tax on rents is just 10.4 per cent compared to 27.3 per cent for profits.

This suggests that while corporate taxes may be high, the real effective tax paid by corporations is far lower in a tax-friendly environment.

While it is not clear exactly how much of the difference in effective tax that the United Kingdom and Australia have seen is due to the fact their tax systems are not exactly similar, the fact is that the two countries have different tax systems.

There are a number of different types of taxation, and tax avoidance schemes work differently depending on which tax system you use.

There is the “flat tax” system, where tax is paid on all income.

This model is often seen as more progressive than the current system.

However, if your business is taxed at a flat rate, there will be less money left over for other activities.

The United Kingdom also has a “double taxation” system.

This tax system allows for some deductions to be made for tax purposes.

For example, a corporation that employs 50 people can deduct the cost of employing 40 people from its income.

The government may then tax the wages of the 50 employees.

But if the corporation is not taxed at all, it is exempt from paying income tax.

This system has been criticised as being too regressive.

But there is one important caveat. The U

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