Posted November 18, 2017 12:38:37I love Uncharted 2.

It’s the game I always wanted to play when I was a kid.

It features some of the best characters I’ve ever played, and it’s the best Uncharted game ever.

But Uncharted 3 didn’t really live up to my expectations.

The series has grown into a very solid series and Uncharted 3 really missed the mark.

I think the new game is definitely worth the wait.

I have some real issues with the new Uncharted game, but I think it’s a really great title, and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

First, let’s look at the differences between Uncharted 2 and 3.

The first Uncharted game was a huge leap forward in the series, but it also left some things behind that I’m not as keen on.

First and foremost, the game’s story was pretty much the same as the first game.

You play as Nadine Ross, a young girl who’s accidentally taken over the body of an immortal pirate.

You’ve got a little brother named Ethan, a mysterious old man, and a group of pirates.

You’re going to fight the Pirates, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and you’ll be forced to take on the crew of the HMS Bounty, a vessel that’s been hijacked by pirates in the Caribbean.

Uncharted 2 takes things to a completely new level, introducing a bunch of new characters, including a new captain named Jack Sparrow.

There are also new underwater locations, a new underwater city, and even a new pirate ship.

But the biggest difference is that you’ll have to fight off an army of pirates and their crew to get to your goal.

There’s also a new boss, and he’s much tougher than the old ones.

The second major difference between the two games is that the first Uncharted 3 was pretty good, and the second one is still a solid game, though not as good as the original.

Uncharted 3’s story and world are just a bit more open-ended and open-world, but the game still leaves the impression that the plot is being told by a series of flashbacks.

The game introduces a bunch more characters, but they’re not the same characters that you’ve seen in previous Uncharted games.

Uncharted 1 also introduced a few new characters that were never made into regular playable characters.

So the only characters who have a direct bearing on the plot are the ones who you meet at certain points during the game.

There are also a bunch less characters in the game, and this is a bit of a problem for me.

I was expecting to see a ton of characters, especially new ones, in this game, because they’re all so well-done.

But I really didn’t expect to see so many.

Some of the new characters are very, very likable, and they’re also just nice people to have around.

The problem with this is that these characters don’t have a whole lot to do with the main plot.

Most of the main characters are just there to add more of a layer of mystery.

This is especially frustrating because the Uncharted games have done some really cool things with the character interaction system.

Uncharted 4 has introduced some really interesting side quests that let you get involved with certain characters, and some of them have a lot of depth to them.

Uncharted 5 introduced a new mechanic where you could actually use the map to help your character in battle.

You could make use of this to find hidden items or fight enemies with different abilities.

And in this new DLC, you can also explore the island and fight off more of the pirates.

There have also been a lot more side missions in the main game, too, so you’ll get to learn more about the pirate crew.

There has also been an expansion for the multiplayer mode, which adds some really neat new things.

I also really enjoyed the new side quests.

Some are more interesting than others.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy introduced a lot to the multiplayer experience.

You start out with three weapons, and each of these weapons has a different range of powers.

For example, the bow and arrows have a range of six, and while this is mostly used for long-range attacks, it also gives you the option to use it as a long-ranged attack.

There is also a lot for you to discover, including new enemies and a bunch new enemies you can fight.

It also introduces some really nice side quests, including ones that take you to new locations.

But it also has a lot that is familiar.

And then there’s the new ship that you have to find and take down to take down the Pirates.

There were a lot better Uncharted games to come out.

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