It’s the latest in a series of measures the ACT Government is taking to strengthen its digital rights regime.

In February, the ACT became the first state in Australia to set up a national copyright system, following a similar move in New South Wales.

The ACT also introduced its first legislation to regulate the sale of music via streaming services such as Spotify.

The Government has also signed up to ACT’s new Copyright Amendment Act, which will allow the ACT’s Copyright Tribunal to determine whether copyright infringement has occurred, and if so, whether a case could be made to have the material removed.

In the ACT, the Copyright Tribunal can also grant relief, in the form of an order that the owner of copyright should pay the person who has taken or made the infringing use, for compensation.

ACT Minister for Communications Michael Bradley said the new legislation was a way of strengthening the ACT copyright regime.

“The ACT’s legislation is a strong measure to protect Australian artists and their creators, while protecting the public interest,” he said.

“It’s a way for ACT to protect our industry while maintaining our strong copyright system.”

We have the tools to fight online copyright infringement, we have the resources to fight digital piracy, and we have laws to stop it.

“The ACT’s digital rights system has a number of advantages over New South Welsh, including the ability to seek a judgment in copyright cases.

In New South and Queensland, there is a presumption that a party to a copyright claim can seek damages, even if there’s no proven case.

”You have to prove there is something in the material which could lead to a finding of copyright infringement. “

What you can’t do is just make it a case for the owner,” Mr Bradley said.

”You have to prove there is something in the material which could lead to a finding of copyright infringement.

You have to show that it is likely that a person would have done it, that it’s likely that the person would commit it, and that there’s a reasonable likelihood that it will be done.

“If the claim is successful, the court can make an order requiring the person to pay damages and also impose conditions on the use.

“I think the digital environment is evolving rapidly. “

There’s still a lot of work to do,” he told AM.

“I think the digital environment is evolving rapidly.

We have to make sure we’ve got the tools in place to combat that.”

What ACT has done It has adopted ACT legislation to protect its digital industry, but the ACT also has laws to help protect its traditional industries.

ACT has a statutory obligation to provide for and enforce copyright law in relation to music, films, TV and video games, as well as to protect the rights of the media.

It also has a law to deal with “public domain works”.

The ACT Government has said it will publish an updated version of the Copyright Amendment Bill, which it plans to introduce in 2017.

But the ACT has also proposed to introduce a law which will give the Copyright Board the power to award damages and impose conditions.

ACT Senator Bradley said the Government needed to do more to help defend traditional industries against digital piracy.

“We have a strong digital environment.

I don’t think we’ve done enough to ensure that people are protected against piracy,” he added.

ACT Government moves ‘good for the economy’ ACT is one of the most expensive states in the world for digital industries.

Last year, the Government paid out $9.5 billion to digital businesses, with the majority of it going to digital video games.

ACT MP for Canberra, Chris Bowen, said the digital rights legislation would be “good for Australian jobs”.

“We know there are people out there who are working in the film industry in Tasmania and Western Australia, who are looking for work and can’t get it,” he noted.

“Digital businesses have to compete in Australia, and ACT is a major player.”

ACT Minister of Communications Michael Bradley told AM that the new ACT Digital Rights Act was designed to support digital industries in the state.

“This is about creating a vibrant, thriving and inclusive digital economy in the Commonwealth,” he explained.

ACT is also an ACT State with a large number of small businesses, which have had to take advantage of digital opportunities in order to survive.

“They’re making a lot out of it, because we’ve seen what happens when we don’t have that access,” Senator Bowen said.

ACT’s Digital Entertainment and Media Office (DEIMEO) is a non-profit organisation that helps businesses in the entertainment, advertising and digital media industries to grow.

It supports more than 1,000 businesses through grants, contracts, and co-investments, and assists other businesses in achieving their growth goals.

It has a team of over 30 people, who work out of its Canberra office.

ACT Digital Entertainment Industry Association chairwoman Mary Gee said the ACT was an important digital hub for digital businesses.

“For the digital industries, ACT is the biggest digital hub in the country.

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